Goat's milk soap Alpes

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• Special soap for dry or sensitive skin
• Contains 25% fresh goat's milk from Gruyère
• Made with quality organic vegetable oils

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This high-quality soap with its caressingly soft foam is ideal for delicate and dry skin. it is in carefully manufactured in our laboratory using organic goat's milk from Gruyères in Switzerland, which gives it an exceptional softness. Palm oil free. 95g

How to use

Ce savon doux s'utilise dans la douche ou pour les mains selon votre envie.  Afin qu'il ne fonde pas posez-le sur un bon porte savon ou il va pouvoir sécher entre chaque utilisation

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Sodium Olivate (olive)*, Caprae lac (lait de chèvre frais, fresh swiss goat milk)*, Sodium cocoate (coco, coconut)*, Sodium shea butterate (karité, shea butter)*, Sodium ricinoleate (ricin, castor)*, Soidum cocoa butterate (cacao)*, Parfum (100% natural**), Cera alba (cire d'abeille, beeswax)*, Oxydes, geraniol**, limone**, linalool**.

*Issu de l'agriculture biologique, from organic farming

**Aux huiles essentielles, from essential oils

    100% d'origine naturelle, natural origin

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