Rose quartz mini facial massage roller

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This mini facial massage roller is the perfect size to take anywhere! Use it to stimulate and soothe your skin, and to help improve your complexion. 

  •        Stimulates blood circulation
  •        Improves skin tone
  •        Helps to reduce under-eye puffiness
  •        Fits easily in your toiletry bag
  •        All skin types

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This mini roller stimulates blood circulation and promotes drainage as it gently massages your skin. Its mini, travel-friendly size makes it perfect for taking with you on trips away.

A facial massage roller encourages cell renewal and helps to improve radiance, as the skin is better oxygenated. You can use it on dry skin or with your usual skincare products. When used cold (placed in the fridge before use), it's ideal for de-puffing the eye area, tightening pores or calming reactive skin.

This beautiful rose quartz stone comes from Brazil. Known as the heart stone, it has soothing and beauty benefits.

N.B.: Each stone is unique, so colours may vary slightly.

Length: 9 cm

How to use

Use on dry skin or with your usual skincare product to improve its absorption. Easy to clean with a soft cloth. This genuine stone mini roller is quite fragile. Please handle it carefully so it doesn't break, and keep it in the small cotton bag when not in use.

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