Rose quartz heart

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Made from natural rose quartz stone, this heart can be given to a friend or kept at home or in the office to release its benefits and positive energy.

  •        The heart stone, with soothing and beauty benefits
  •        Brings love and self-confidence
  •        Can be placed wherever you wish

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This stunning rose quartz heart from Brazil comes in a pretty cotton pouch and can be kept wherever you wish so you can enjoy its benefits. Place it on a desk or a bedside table, keep it in your bag as a lucky charm, or give it to someone as a beautiful, meaningful gift.

Rose quartz is known as the heart stone. It brings confidence and peace and helps to relieve stress and anxiety. This beautiful natural stone releases a positive energy that opens your heart to happiness and helps you to love and accept yourself.

Expose the stone to sunlight regularly in order to restore all its natural energy.

Diameter: 4 cm 

N.B.: Each stone is unique, so colours may vary slightly.