Cotton Christmas pouch

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This pretty cotton pouch reveals a sweet scent of cinnamon as we put our delicious Christmas soap inside. To go with it, a lip balm rich in organic cocoa butter and a hand cream. The essentials as the cold weather approaches!

Limited edition winter 2022.

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The ideal small gift for the teacher, the colleagues and for a small 100% natural attention.

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This pretty cotton pouch contains :

- 1 Cinnamon Christmas soap
- 1 light hand cream 30ml
- 1 lotus lip balm 4ml

Limited edition winter 2022



Discover in this pouch the daily essentials: The extra soft natural Christmas soap, accompanied by the light hand cream to be applied without moderation and the nourishing lip balm with the irresistible scent of lotus which will bring you a perfect protection thanks to the cocoa butter and the organic coconut oil.

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