Hemp and copper glove

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• For an invigorating and regenerating massage
• Contains a copper wire that stimulates circulation
• Made of linen and hemp fibre

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How to use

This glove can be used dry for a more energetic massage or wet for a softer massage. It can be used on wet skin, in the shower or in the bath for about 5 minutes, starting with the lower part of the body and working upwards. There is no need to apply too much pressure. Target especially the areas with cellulite. Dry the glove well between uses. Washable at 50°.

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30% chanvre 
25% lin
25% coton
20% cuivre



The massage glove is an indispensable beauty accessory in the bathroom. It is the secret to smooth, soft and firm skin. This special copper glove provides an invigorating massage that stimulates the circulation and thus helps to prevent the appearance of orange peel and cellulite.
The copper wire enhances the effects of the massage and helps to regenerate the skin cells.